We're very happy you visited our webpage and that you want to know more about us. Let me tell you a bit about our lives. My name is Sammy and I'm happily married to Miriam. We just celebrated 11 years of marriage! We have two kids: David (3 years old) and Marissa (2 years old). I was born here in Phoeniz, AZ. Miriam was born in Caborca, Son. Mex., and her family moved to Phoenix in 1993.

In 1995, just a few weeks after we started dating, I went to study at the Hispanic Institute of Ministry in Dallas, TX. Miriam had already started her university career at Phoenix College and later at Grand Canyon University. After graduating with an Associate of Arts in Pastoral Studies (1997), I decided to continue my studies at Patten University in Oakland, CA. After our wedding (August 1998), we went to live in Oakland, CA and there we completed our careers. Miriam obtained a Bachelor of Sciences in Kinesiology from California State University in Hayward; and I, a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies.


After this, we continued our studies in Southern California. In June of 2002, I graduated from Fuller Theological Seminary (Pasadena, CA) with a Master of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies. In May of 2003, Miriam graduated from California State University Northridge with a Master of Sciences in Physical Therapy. That same year, I began my doctoral studies at Fuller Theological Seminary, where I obtained the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Theology in 2008.

In January of 2004, Miriam and I moved back to Phoenix to be with our families. Since then Miriam has worked in her profession of Physical Therapist for Hacienda Healthcare. On my oart, I began teaching courses in Bible and Theology at Grand Canyon University in 2004. Currently, I am teaching online at GCU and I will be teaching a course on US Latino Religion at Arizona State University (Fall 2009). My professional goals include teaching at a seminary and publishing books and articles in theology and Hispanic ministry.

Since our youth, and whereever our studies have taken us, Miriam and I have been active in the ministry of our local church. Primarily, we have worked as youth leaders and pastored young couples. After having served faithfully in two churches in Phoenix, we felt a call from God to start a church in the Southwest of Phoenix. We received the support of our denomination (Church of God, Cleveland, TN) and responded to the challenge with the help of some friends (Ramon & Sandra Avalos) and Miriam's family; Abundio & Rosario Saldivar (her parents), and Joca & Luis (her sister and brother-in-law). We met for a year at our home, having Bible Study on Fridays and a worship service on Sundays. In March of 2009, we began renting a school cafeteria to congregate as a church on Sundays. Since then we have experienced great joy upon seeing how God is restoring families through our ministry as a church. We invite you to join us in writing another chapter in the exciting story of New Day Church.